Introducing a Variation of Lily Cluster



An enduring icon of American glamour, the Harry Winston Cluster has been a defining part of the Winston tradition for more than six decades. Dating back to archives from the early 1940s, the refined design draws inspiration from nature: the sculptured geometry of flowers and leaves, and the elegant fluidity with which they take shape.

Winston’s Lily Cluster Collection explores these early cluster drawings from the archives, reinterpreting the iconic Cluster motif through a unique, contemporary perspective. Recalling the shape of lilies in bloom, the collection presents a charming bouquet of personal, daytime diamond jewels – pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, and hair barrettes - in yellow gold and platinum.

In Spring 2012, the Lily Cluster Collection continues to blossom with the introduction of an extended series of earrings and pendants, in a delicate new proportion. Crafted with round diamonds, the ethereal, yet dimensional design allows for the expression of a timeless style, no matter the occasion or the hour.

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