Opus 5


Limited edition of 100 pieces

Two world firsts in one charismatic watch: an original complication and the hour display. The Opus 5 could be nothing else but dazzling.

First, because of its satellite hour display consisting of three blocks, each with four numbers, that are arranged like satellites in a three-dimensional rotating system and tell the hour in turn as they rotate on two axes ; and second, because of the service indicator on the back of the watch, graduated from 0 to 5 years, which lets the wearer know when it is time totake the watch in for maintenance.

Movement: F. Baumgartner mechanical off-centered movement with satellite hour display and retrograde minute hand moving over a 120° counter

Power-reserve indicator (120 hours), Day and night indication

Dial: Three small blocks arranged like satellites within a three-dimensional system. Since each block carries four numerals, two rotational axes are required to display all 12 hours: the first central axis enables each hour numeral to "move past" the minute counter while driving the retrograde hand gliding over a 120° graduated scale; while the second reveals the four numerals in accordance with first rotation.

50mm round case made of rose gold or 950 PT platinum.

Reference: OPUMHM50PP001

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