Commitment to Philanthropy

Generosity and a commitment to philanthropy began with our founder, Mr. Harry Winston, through support of charitable organizations and the gift of the Hope Diamond to the Smithsonian Institution. Today, we continue this legacy of philanthropy through the Harry Winston Charitable Program, dedicated to inspiring hope and changing lives through education. Harry Winston’s Program is comprised of corporate giving and Harry Winston Hope Foundation™. The corporate giving program includes direct donations by the Company to non-profit organizations in our Salon communities worldwide. The Harry Winston Hope Foundation, supported primarily by the Company, provides grants to select non-profit organizations that are principally focused on helping young people to obtain a quality education. The Harry Winston Charitable Program is bolstered by the generous volunteering of time and talent of Harry Winston employees globally.

Brilliant futures

Our signature Harry Winston Brilliant Futures™ platform reflects our belief that education is the key to creating brilliant futures for young people around the world to embrace hope and achieve their dreams. We support leading nonprofit organizations that identify and overcome barriers to young people’s success using proven interventions in the classroom and beyond. Organizations supported strive to:

  • Remove barriers for disadvantaged youth to obtain a quality education and the skills necessary to be successful in life.
  • Provide access to cultural and artistic enrichment.
  • Enable healthy futures for underserved populations.

The Harry Winston Charitable Program does not accept unsolicited applications for funding at this time.

Harry Winston hope foundation

Funded primarily by monetary donations from Harry Winston Inc., the Harry Winston Hope Foundation supports organizations in key regions where the Company has a presence. The Harry Winston Hope Foundation’s newest initiative, developed to give young people in China the opportunity to realize a brilliant future, is in support of the International Youth Foundation (“IYF”) and the China Youth Development Foundation (“CYDF”).

  • In China, the Harry Winston Hope Foundation is working with IYF and CYDF to help meet a crucial need within the education system. China is striving to adapt its education system to support its booming economy and meet employer demands for qualified workers. In order to prepare Chinese youth for educational achievement and employment success, it is imperative that schools provide not only strong academic curriculums, but also teach other critical character and life skills.
  • Together, the Harry Winston Hope Foundation, IYF and CYDF will bring IYF’s renowned Passport to Success® curriculum to China’s young people and teachers for the first time beginning in February 2012. The program, translated into Mandarin and adapted to reflect China’s unique culture, will help at-risk youth ages 14-18 gain new personal and employability skills such as communication, self-confidence, goal setting, effective work habits, and team work.
  • The curriculum has demonstrated a significant impact in other countries by reducing school dropout rates, increasing chances for employment, and bolstering young people’s attitudes and hope towards the future. The Harry Winston Hope Foundation is excited to help bring these advantages to the young people of China.

Corporate Giving

Harry Winston, Inc. and its subsidiaries support organizations in our Salon communities including the Robin Hood Foundation located in New York City. Harry Winston is proud to support Robin Hood to fund innovative schools and education programs that enable 45,000 disadvantaged students in New York City to attend high-performing schools and thus have an increased chance of attending college.

  • Programs supported through Harry Winston’s donation to Robin Hood include: after-school programs that help improve academic outcomes in the classroom; college preparedness for students who are often the first in their family to graduate from high school; and, extended-day classroom models that have been linked to improving student scores and graduation rates.
  • Employees of Harry Winston volunteer during the year to work with the young people served by Robin Hood’s programs. Whether tutoring, helping to conduct practice college interviews, or accompanying students on field trips to museums, employees lend their time and talents to make a positive impact in these students’ lives.
  • Beyond our core commitment to education, Harry Winston continues to support select organizations that are especially meaningful to our Salon communities. We are proud to support local organizations doing meaningful work to inspire hope and change lives in the communities they serve.
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