Secrets by Harry Winston


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I'm going to keep this quiet. I want to keep it to myself. – Harry Winston, 1954

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Mr. Winston was a man of many marvelous secrets – from the diamonds he carried hidden deep within his pockets; to the private vault concealed within his office walls, where he kept his most spectacular treasures; to his inimitable ability to decipher a rough diamond’s hidden brilliance by simply holding it in his hands. Entitled Secrets by Harry Winston, at first glance, the collection is an exquisite example of the House’s most celebrated designs and techniques presented through distinctly different themes. But behind the brilliance of each gleaming gem, there is more than meets the eye. Each unique piece contains an incredible secret – a true hidden gem, waiting to be revealed.

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Hidden behind the stately doors of Harry Winston, the Secrets Collection features exquisite diamond necklaces in captivating, unexpected designs. Layers of diamonds can be worn in several different ways in the Secret Combination diamond necklace. The Secret Cluster necklace draws inspiration from the iconic Winston Cluster motif. Its round, pear, and marquise-cut diamonds also lend themselves to various configurations: a sautoir, a three-row necklace, or a back-drop pendant.
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