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What is the difference between a ring from Harry Winston and one from another jeweler?

Harry Winston emphasizes quality rather than quantity. Our rigorous standards for diamond grading and decades of expertise ensure that every aspect of a Harry Winston diamond engagement ring is the absolute finest available in both quality and craftsmanship. At Harry Winston, we encourage our clients to sit down with one of our bridal experts and take the time they need to select the perfect ring.

Do I need to make an appointment to visit Harry Winston?

You do not need an appointment to visit a Harry Winston Salon. However, if you would like to call ahead, we would be happy to set up an appointment and pre-arrange a selection of rings specifically for you.

Why do Harry Winston rings sparkle so much?

Before a diamond can become a Harry Winston Diamond, it must pass strict quality assurance criteria that go far beyond the Four Cs. Our expert team of gemologists evaluates diamonds differently taking into consideration not only whether a diamond looks good on paper but whether it meets Harry Winston’s visual standards for beauty and brilliance. Two diamonds can have the same characteristics, but if one has not been cut well, they will not sparkle equally. Our gemologists choose diamonds according to a more complex set of criteria, including a high level of connoisseurship, which cannot be translated into any gemological report.

What is more important—color or clarity?

The importance of color versus clarity comes down to personal preference. Harry Winston only carries diamonds that are of D, E or F color, and greater than VS2 clarity. These high quality standards ensure that every ring you see in our store will feature a diamond of truly excellent beauty and brilliance. Please see our guide on Our Diamonds for more information.

Why is there no A, B, C in the color grading system?

In 1953, the Gemological Institute of America introduced what is now the industry standard grading scale for colorless diamonds, grading them on a color scale from D to Z and a clarity scale from Flawless to I3. At the time the new grading system was introduced, several grading classifications were used that employed numbers, letters and descriptive words. This caused confusion when comparing two diamonds that had been graded with different nomenclatures. D was agreed upon as a starting point to differentiate from the previous systems.

What diamond cuts does Harry Winston carry?

Harry Winston carries round brilliant, square emerald-cut, emerald-cut, radiant, marquise, cushion-shaped, oval-shaped, pear-shaped, and heart-shaped diamonds.

Does Harry Winston carry Asscher-cut diamond rings?

The Asscher-cut is essentially a trade name that describes a square emerald-cut diamond, with wide-cut and steep-cut corners, a small table and a built-up crown. Harry Winston does carry this special make of square emerald-cut diamonds.

Does Harry Winston offer certificates for our diamonds?

Yes. Every diamond engagement ring is accompanied by an original diamond report from the Gemological Institute of America.

What are the most popular engagement ring styles right now?

Every person has their own idea of what constitutes the perfect ring. Generally round brilliant, cushion and emerald-cut rings are the most popular. Harry Winston’s classic design aesthetic ensures that the rings we offer, will never go out of style.

Will Harry Winston create custom designed rings?

Yes. Provided your request aligns with the Harry Winston design aesthetic, we will be happy to work with you to bring your dream ring to life.

Will Harry Winston create a mounting for my own diamond?

We will only create settings for diamonds that have been purchased from Harry Winston due to our strict high quality standards. This ensures that every aspect of jewelry carrying the Harry Winston name is of the finest quality in the world.

What happens if my fiancée does not like the ring I chose?

As long as you want to make the change within 30 days (and the ring has not been worn), we would be happy to help you select a better choice.

How long is my Harry Winston watch guaranteed?

Your Harry Winston watch is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of twenty-four months from the date of its original purchase provided the warranty card has been duly completed and signed by an official Harry Winston retailer or a Harry Winston boutique.
This warranty does not cover:

  • the life of the battery;
  • normal wear and tear and ageing (for example scratched crystal; alteration of the color and /or material of non-metallic straps and chains, such as leather, textile, rubber);
  • any damage on any part of the watch resulting from abnormal/abusive use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal, etc.), incorrect use of the watch and non-observance of the operating instructions provided by Harry Winston S.A.;
  • indirect or consequential damages of any kind resulting from, for example, the use, the non-functioning, the defects or the inaccuracy of the Harry Winston watch;
  • the Harry Winston watch handled by non-authorized persons (for example for battery replacement, service or repair) or which has been altered in its original condition beyond Harry Winston S.A.’s control.

What should I do to ensure that my watch continues to provide excellent service?

Just as a car, a prolonged non-use period of your watch will affect its movement. A regular maintenance is necessary to ensure proper performance. Please refer to the “Care instructions and precautions” section for all the needed information.

How often should I have my watch serviced and why?

Your timepiece needs regular servicing to ensure its perfect functioning. This will prevent oils from drying, and wear and tear of certain components.
Service intervals depend on the model of the watch, climate and care received. As a general rule, a service must be carried out every 4 to 5 years.

Where can I have my watch serviced or repaired?

Please bring your timepiece to any Harry Winston salon or authorized retailer. Your watch will be sent to the nearest Harry Winston technical center.
We offer a twenty-four month warranty on the work carried out.

What are the stages of a complete movement service?

All work is completed by hand and requires expertise and years of experience from our watchmakers.
The following operations are included in a complete movement service:

  • Removal of the bracelet
  • Complete disassembling of the watch and its movement (dismantling of the crown and winding stem in order to remove the movement with dial and hands)
  • Dismantling of the case (crystal, pushers, crown, gaskets, tube, bezel)
  • Dismantling of the dial and hands from the movement
  • Dismantling of the movement, part by part
  • Checking of the condition of all the movement parts, and repair or replacement of any that are worn or damaged
  • Cleaning of all the parts in specific baths to remove all traces of lubricant
  • Reassembling and oiling of the movement
  • Check of the functions in accordance with Harry Winston quality criteria
  • Adjustment of the rate
  • Fixing of the dial and hands
  • Encasing of the movement and replacement of all gaskets
  • Closing of the case
  • Check of water-resistance, functions and performance
  • Setting of the correct time
  • Fitting of bracelet or replacement of strap (if requested)
  • Final overall check

What are the stages of a complete case/bracelet refurbishing?

A layer of metal is removed during polishing. This service is therefore not recommended too often or the original shape of the watch may be altered.
The following operations are included in a case/bracelet refurbishing:

  • Complete disassembling of the watch and its movement
  • Dismantling of the case (crystal, pushers, crown, gaskets, tube, bezel)
  • Removal of rhodium coating if necessary
  • Polishing of case to original specifications (polishing, satin-finishing…)
  • Polishing of the bracelet and buckle (this often requires complete disassembling of the bracelet)
  • Cleaning of case and bracelet with ultrasound wave
  • Rhodium plating or coating if necessary
  • Reassembling of watch and bracelet

What should I do to ensure that my watch remains water-resistant?

Water-resistance is not a permanent state and needs to be maintained. It can be affected by the ageing of the gaskets.
Have it tested every year to prevent accidental water infiltration and irreversible movement damages.
Before any contact with the water, the crown must always be completely pushed-in or screwed-in to prevent water from penetrating the mechanism.
With the exception of certain models specifically designed for diving, do not operate pushers or the crown if submerged in order to prevent water from entering the movement.
After being immersed in salty or chlorinated water, rinse your watch with warm water to prevent any gasket damage.
Remove your watch before taking a shower; pressure may be too great and cause damage.

I need a new strap, who can I contact and where can I have it replaced?

Contact any Harry Winston salon or authorized retailer for a new strap.
Straps are available in sizes S, M and L. Any special size or color must be reviewed with the supplier and may not always be produced.

What should I do to keep my leather/satin strap in good condition as long as possible?

Leather and satin are permeable, so avoid contact with water and dampness, greasy substances and cosmetic products to prevent discoloration and deformation.
Avoid long exposure to sunlight to prevent the color from fading.

I need to adjust my bracelet with additional/less links, what should I do?

Please bring your watch with proof of purchase to any Harry Winston salon or authorized retailer.

How can I order a certificate, and how do I know whether my watch is genuine?

Each Harry Winston timepiece purchased from a Harry Winston salon or authorized retailer comes with a stamped international warranty listing the timepiece’s reference and serial number. Harry Winston will provide a free appraisal to clients and authorized retailers with proof of purchase.

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