A smiling bride holding  flowers and wearing Harry Winston diamond wedding jewelry.

The Winston Bridal Guide

Discover the beauty, brilliance and legacy of Harry Winston diamond engagement and wedding jewelry. Like every great romance, it’s a story of passion, promise and sparkle.

Measurements being made on a rough cut diamond for exceptional stones

The Winston Difference

Since 1932 the name Harry Winston has symbolized the world’s most exceptional diamond jewelry. The story began with Mr. Winston’s fascination with rare and magnificent gemstones, a passion which continues to inspire and guide the House today. Harry Winston only selects the very best diamonds for its magnificent jewels. Every stone is chosen for its superior quality and singular beauty, and in the hands of its master craftsmen, is transformed into a jewel that will be cherished for generations.

Man holding a gift box with a diamond ring, presenting it to a smiling woman

A Legacy of Love

Harry Winston believed in the inherent beauty, sparkle and rarity of diamonds to celebrate romance and mark life's most meaningful moments. With unwavering standards and an eye for exceptional stones, Mr. Winston spent his career pursuing extraordinary gemstones and transforming them into exquisite expressions of love and commitment. That legacy continues today with beautiful diamond jewelry designed to honor extraordinary love stories, milestones and celebrations.

The Pursuit of
the Perfect Diamond

Harry Winston’s expert gemologists search far and wide for the rarest and very best diamonds. Every stone is individually selected for its exceptional quality and unique character. Only the very best diamonds are accepted. There are no exceptions. 

Classic Winston,  Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones

Carat: Worth its Weight

Harry Winston diamonds are world-renowned for their outstanding quality. The size of such a diamond is an expression of its rarity: larger stones are generally more valuable because they are harder to find in nature. A diamond’s size is measured in carat weight: one carat equals 100 points, or one-fifth of a gram. But it is important to remember that diamonds of equal carat weight can vary greatly in value because they differ in the quality of their cut, color, and clarity—all of which also contribute to the beauty and prestige of a Harry Winston diamond. A diamond’s weight or size is the most obvious feature of a stone, but it is just one of many defining characteristics. Each Harry Winston diamond is a culmination of expertly selected criteria.

Classic Winston,  Emerald-Cut Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Side Stones next to a GIA clarity scale

Clarity: It’s Perfectly Clear

As diamonds are formed over millions of years deep within the earth’s surface, they are exposed to tremendous heat and pressure, which usually produces slight internal inclusions and external blemishes in the stones. Most of these internal imperfections are so small that they can’t be seen by the naked eye, so a diamond’s clarity is evaluated by examining each stone under 10-power magnification in order to assess any inclusions, which can appear as tiny crystals, feathers, or clouds. A diamond without any inclusions is graded as Flawless (FL) or Internally Flawless (IF). These stones are the most rare, treasured and valuable. Harry Winston’s team of experts evaluate each and every diamond and select only the highest clarity grades, from perfectly Flawless to Very Slightly Included (VS2), which exhibit minor imperfections that aren’t visible to the unaided eye.

Loose emerald cut diamonds next to technical drawings and GIA color scale

Color: Only Colorless Counts

A colorless diamond is like a drop of pure water. Nearly every white diamond displays an inherent tint of natural color, though it is typically so slight that it is undetectable to the naked eye. Industry standards grade diamond color on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow). The color-grading system evaluates a stone’s colorlessness by measuring each diamond against a master set of stones of established color value. Harry Winston’s expert gemologists select diamonds only from the top three color grades (D, E, and F). Diamonds of these grades are considered colorless, and they are the most precious and valuable. This guarantees that, without exception, every single Winston diamond is a brilliant white stone.

Loose emerald cut diamond sits next to a technical drawing

Cut: Beauty and Brilliance Over Size

What makes a diamond magical and mesmerizing is its ability to reflect light and sparkle intensely. That beauty and brilliance is the result of how well the diamond is cut. Every Harry Winston diamond is masterfully cut and polished, in order to unleash its distinctive beauty and radiance. A stone’s cut is characterized by the optimum proportion, symmetry and polish. The House’s exacting standards mean that they will sacrifice a rough stone’s weight to achieve the most brilliant cut.

5th C: Diamonds of Impeccable Character

Image of The One cushion-cut diamond engagement ring sketches, technical drawings to the finished product in a Harry Winston gift box sit upon a desk

Beyond the 4Cs is the soul or character of the stone. Inspired by Mr. Winston’s passion and uncompromising search for the most exceptional diamonds, Harry Winston’s gemologists select only the finest diamonds in the world. Stones with similar attributes can vary greatly in beauty and character, and that is why Winston’s seasoned experts look beyond the grading qualities and consider the stone as a singular treasure from nature – each as distinctive as a fingerprint.

A Harry Winston craftsman examines a finished engagement ring

Dedication to

Over the years, Harry Winston’s master craftsmen have created world-famous and cherished jewels for royalty, celebrities and generations of love-struck couples. Every jewelry design is created around the individual character of the diamond to highlight its beauty and brilliance. It starts with an artist’s sketch, exquisitely rendered to illustrate elegant lines, balance and proportion. The House’s engagement and wedding rings are set exclusively in platinum with minimal visible metal to showcase the radiant beauty of the stones themselves. Designed and crafted to rest elegantly on the finger, a Harry Winston diamond ring forever becomes part of your family’s legacy.

The One, cushion-cut diamond engagement ring

Integrity and Leadership

A Harry Winston diamond goes on a remarkable journey, from the world’s premier mines, to the workshops of skilled craftsmen and artists. Every step in the process is guided by the House’s commitment to the highest industry standards on ethical, environmental and social practices. Harry Winston is a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and complies with the Kimberley Process to ensure that all precious gemstones are responsibly sourced.

With Love from Harry Winston

For generations, great romances have been sealed with a magnificent Harry Winston diamond, as a symbol of everlasting love and commitment.