Majestic Escapes by Harry Winston

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of nature’s most breathtaking destinations with the House of Harry Winston. Introducing Majestic Escapes, a new collection of High Jewelry suites celebrating bejeweled getaways.

by Harry Winston

Nature is brought to life with gems as lush as its landscape. The Rainforest suite features green tsavorites in varying shades to capture the rich forestry of its namesake.

With rich green tsavorites and luminous diamonds, the jewels of the Rainforest suite recall the thick canopy and delicate rays of light that peak through its greenery.

Rainforest Ring
Rainforest Necklace

Turquoise Waters

Like Fiji's warm sand beaches and vivid blue ocean, the turquoise stones, sapphires and diamonds of the Fiji necklace inspire wonder and amazement at nature's boundless beauty.

The Fiji suite, as unique as the island itself, features rare cabochon turquoise stones, sapphires and diamonds, which evoke the island's allure.

Fiji Earrings
Aerial view of Fiji


An enchanting composition of rubellites, turquoise, paraibas and diamonds, the Amalfi necklace paints an inspiring portrait of blossoming bougainvilleas and pristine Mediterranean waters.

Capturing the vibrant colors and charm of the Amalfi Coast, where blossoming bougainvilleas has inspired a vivacious suite of high jewelry reflecting the brilliant beauty of the Mediterranean.

A female wearing the Amalfi Coast Necklace with ocean on the background
Amalfi Earrings

Shades of Blue

Santorini, one of the most magical places in the world, inspires this one-of-a-kind suite with an exquisite selection of aquamarines enlivened by sapphires and diamonds.

Inspired by the signature character of Santorini, this extraordinary suite sparkles like the Greek Island's tranquil blue waters.

Santorini Earrings
Woman wearing the Santorini necklace and earrings

Paradise Harbor

The breathtaking beauty of the island of Okinawa at a sunrise—with the sun peaking over the horizon—has inspired this one-of-a-kind high jewelry creation.

Rendered in turquoise beads, sparkling diamonds, and light pink sapphire accents, the Paradise Harbor Necklace captures a vibrant display of colors that illuminate still ocean waters.

A  photograph depicting pearls, a seashell, and sunrise colors.
An island in the sea with a pink and purple sky at sunrise.

St Barts
Island Waters

The striking vista of blue ocean waters meeting a lush shoreline sparkles in this high jewelry piece—a brilliant expression of utopian island beauty.

Pear-shaped tourmalines and Paraibas form a pristine gradation from light green to radiant blue in a bejeweled nod to an idyllic island landscape.

A view of the harbor, water, and shoreline of the island of St. Barts.
Harry Winston's Island Waters Necklace against a backdrop of sparkling water.

Grand Canyon
Colors of Sunset

One of the most breathtaking places Mother Nature has to offer—the Grand Canyon at sunset—is the muse behind this vibrant high jewelry masterpiece.

Like the colors of a sunset gliding over the Grand Canyon, purplish-pink sapphires, pink sapphires, and orange spessartites form a harmonious wave of light.

The Colors of Sunset Ring by Harry Winston against an orange and purple canyon in the background.
A view of the Grand Canyon at sunset.

Le Jardin

With multiple strands and three different center stones of various cuts, the Le Jardin Necklace is a spectacular homage to the landscapes of Marrakech.

Mimicking the lush greenery and vivid colors of Marrakech's notable gardens, stones of various cuts and hues blossom with radiance and life.

A blue and yellow building and a garden in Marrakech.
Le Jardin Necklace by Harry Winston.