A woman wears the Cathedral Necklace from the New York collection by Harry Winston

New York Collection by Harry Winston

There’s nothing like the energy of New York City – the iconic landmarks, the perpetual motion, the inimitable spirit and unsurpassable style. This remarkable city, the epicenter of excitement and glamour, has been a source of inspiration for Winston designers since the House first opened its doors in 1932, and today continues to inform its next generation of legendary jewels. The New York Collection by Harry Winston pays homage to Mr. Winston’s beloved city through a bejeweled love letter comprised of ten sub-collections. From the Brownstones of his birthplace on the Upper West Side, to the organic color palette and geometry of Central Park, to the City Lights of the Manhattan skyline, to the striking architecture of its famous Cathedrals, to bustling throughways, and his iconic Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon…this is Harry’s New York.

New York Collection showcase

Showing on figure all New York collection products, backed with New York emblematic buildings.

Winston's New York

Respective collections telegraph proprietary nuances in Mr. Winston’s narrative pertinent to New York. The stately architecture of the Brownstones on the Upper West Side, the organic color palette and geometry of Central Park, the shimmering City Lights of Times Square, and the dynamic energy and Art Deco architectural elements along Fifth Avenue, all influenced his design aesthetic. We invite you to explore and experience the locations, the intrinsic elements and the energy of New York City.

Manhattan from the Sky
by Harry Winston

A suite of jewels composed of brilliant diamonds and radiant blue sapphires that recalls the beautiful hues and luminosity of the sky over Manhattan.

Inspired by the light and colors of New York as daytime transitions to dusk, this high jewelry suite transports the wearer to an evening in the city, overlooking Manhattan's glittering landscape.

Diamond and sapphire Manhattan from the Sky Earrings.
A view of an ornate building exterior in Manhattan.

by Harry Winston

In 1942, Harry Winston, Inc. moved into 7 East 51st Street, directly adjacent to New York's famed St. Patrick's Cathedral. 

Every day, as Harry basked in the rays of his extraordinary jewels, he was graced with an unobstructed view of the impressive neo-gothic structure.

Aerial view of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in New York City

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Mirroring the perfect proportions, extraordinary workmanship and architectural excellence of St. Patrick’s, the Cathedral series highlights the unequivocal beauty of pear-shaped emeralds and celebrates Winston design in its purest form.

Fifth Avenue Arch
by Harry Winston

This high jewelry suite of gems captures the sophistication of its namesake thoroughfare and its iconic arch.

With pear-shaped sapphires and sparkling diamonds, the jewels of the Fifth Avenue Arch suite exude the grandeur of the legendary architectural landmark that punctuates Manhattan's most famous street.

A woman wears jewels from the Fifth Avenue Arch suite for a night out in New York.
 A Fifth Avenue Sapphire and Diamond Arch Ring.

718 Marble Marquetry
by Harry Winston

Inspired by the elegant marble details of the House's Flagship Salon at 718 Fifth Avenue, the jewels of the 718 suite sparkle with vibrant colored gemstones and brilliant diamonds.

Like the geometric marble detailing that enlivens Harry Winston's legendary Flagship Salon at 718 Fifth Avenue, the designs of the 718 suite channel the same perfection and luxury that define the elements of the House's iconic home.

The signature black and white marble floors.
A 718 Marble Marquetry Ruby and Diamond Ring.

by Harry Winston

The Graffiti by Harry Winston series celebrates the art and fashion of New York City’s downtown neighborhoods.

Capturing vibrant colors and art influences of SoHo, the Graffiti pieces reflect the endless energy and outstanding spirit of New York City.

Two watches from the Avenue Classic Graffiti series. Both are made from 18K white gold and feature diamond-set bezels. The watch on the left has a white alligator strap and a blue and white dial. The one on the right has a pink strap and a pink and blue dial. On both dials, Harry Winston is written in a graffiti style.

Central Park Mosaic 
by Harry Winston

The brilliance of nature in Central Park through the seasons was a palpable source of inspiration for Harry, who was always looking to the beauty of nature.

Aerial view of Central Park in New York City

New York City's Central Park

Harry devoted his life to rare jewels and to growing his namesake business, often spending hours upon hours working with his lead designers to create extraordinary one-of-a-kind jewels.

Central Park Mosaic bracelet featuring emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and aquamarines
Central Park Mosaic bracelet featuring emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and aquamarines
Located just blocks away from his office, New York City’s prominent park, Central Park, often provided a fresh perspective to Mr. Winston and his designers.

Fifth Avenue
by Harry Winston

Of all the bustling streets and avenues in New York, perhaps even the world, none is more famous or more closely linked to the Winston story than prestigious Fifth Avenue.

Exterior shot of The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fifth Avenue is a cultural hub that provides New Yorkers, and its visitors alike, unprecedented access to some of the greatest works in the world. One of these incredible cultural institutions is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is a structural masterpiece unto itself. The Crossover Diamond suite recalls the museum’s grand Fifth Avenue entryway, with an array of round brilliant, marquise and carefully calibrated baguette diamonds that are meticulously set in a symmetrical medley of geometric shapes and angular forms.

A Harry Winston craftsman working on the Fifth Avenue Crossover Diamond Necklace seen on a bust


Fifth Avenue Crossover Diamond Ring

Fifth Avenue Ring

City Lights
by Harry Winston

Vibrant gemstones mingle with brilliant diamonds to capture the electric energy of New York City's lights.

Married in 1933, Harry Winston and his beloved wife enjoyed their early life together as a young couple in New York City, often attending society events and Broadway shows. The Winstons loved Broadway so much that when Harry was promoting his traveling exhibition, The Court of Jewels, he asked leading Broadway stars of the time to pose in his jewels for the official program.

Colorful city lights in New York City's Times Square

New York City Lights

Captivated by the neon pulse of Broadway, the City Lights jewels reimagine the lively lights through colorful diamonds and vivid precious gemstones.

Colorful earrings from the City Lights sub-series a part of The New York Collection by Harry Winston

City Lights Earrings

A young woman wears colorful earrings, a necklace and ring from the City Lights sub-series - a part of Harry Winston's New York Collection

City Lights Suite

by Harry Winston

Masterfully set to mimic a bird in flight, these one-of-a-kind high jewelry designs underscore the House’s promise to its New York ancestry.

Railroads always played an important role in Harry’s life, often relying on this mode of transportation in his quest for rare stones. Throughout the early 1900s, cast-iron eagles adorned many New York City buildings, including the original Grand Central Depot – the city’s famed transportation hub – as a symbol of growth, flight and movement.

Exterior shot of Grand Central Station in New York City

Eagle Collection

The Eagle sub-series recalls the majesty of its namesake, with an extraordinary pairing of colorless and fancy yellow diamonds

A young woman outside of Grand Central Station in New York City adorned in earrings and a ring with colorless and yellow diamonds

Eagle Collection Suite

Manhattan Adornment
by Harry Winston

A beautiful high jewelry suite comprised of blue sapphires, orange spessartites and diamonds depicts Manhattan’s beautiful adornments.

A beautiful high jewelry suite comprised of blue sapphires, orange spessartites and diamonds depicts Manhattan’s beautiful adornments.

Manhattan Adornment Earrings
A woman wears Manhattan Adornment jewels in New York's Central Park.