The Incredibles by Harry Winston

The creation of a Harry Winston jewel begins with a study of the extraordinary – the finest diamonds and the rarest gemstones in the world. Expertly chosen for their superlative quality, these luminous stones are the sparks that ignite the imaginations of Harry Winston designers and craftsmen, who work closely together to transform each individual gem into collective works of art. The end results are brilliant jewels of impossible beauty. Jewels so remarkable and so rare, they can only be described by a single word: Incredible.

The Winston Pink Legacy

Furthering its dedication to the world’s most exceptional gemstones, in November 2018 the House acquired the Winston Pink Legacy, a sensational 18.96 carat fancy vivid pink diamond described as “virtually unheard of,” due to its incredible size and rare color grading.

Highlighting the unequivocal beauty of one of the greatest diamonds the world has ever seen, the Winston Pink Legacy Diamond Ring masterfully displays its extraordinary 18.96 carat fancy vivid pink diamond center stone, accented with delicate diamond side stones.

Pink Diamond

The ultimate expression of supreme beauty.

The One Radiant Cut Pink Diamond Micropave Ring

The One Radiant Cut Pink Diamond Micropavé Ring

Harry Winston’s breathtaking assortment of rare, unparalleled jewels represent the pinnacle of what can be achieved in high jewelry design.

The One Radiant Cut Pink Diamond Micropave Ring radiates on a blue surface

Paraiba and Diamonds

The House’s classic cluster motif meets a naturally-colored electric Paraiba Tourmaline. Valued for its saturated color, clarity and impressive size, this show-stopping center stone over 135 carats is truly one-of-a-kind.

Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace

Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Necklace

In Harry Winston’s extraordinary necklace, the oval Paraiba Tourmaline center stone over 135 carats is set in a signature cluster design. With its impressive size, this natural wonder of the world is one of the most magnificent stones ever unearthed.

The Rockefeller-Winston

Once owned by the esteemed Rockefeller family, a vibrant 18.03 carat Colombian emerald of impeccable clarity and intense color joined the House’s peerless selection of jewels in 2017.

In the hands of Harry Winston’s master designers, the superlative 18.03 carat Colombian emerald was reset, as a ring, into a signature Winston-style design, with surrounding diamonds that were meticulously handset at varying angles to celebrate the magnificence of its center stone.

Heart-Shaped Diamond

Perfectly matched, D flawless heart-shaped center stones elegantly accented with the House’s signature cluster motif and pink diamonds.

Cluster Heart-Shaped Diamond Earrings

Cluster Heart-Shaped Diamond Earrings

Shining with unparalleled radiance, Harry Winston’s Cluster Heart-Shaped Diamond Earrings highlight the pristine beauty of extraordinary diamonds and underscore the House’s longstanding reign as the “King of Diamonds.”

Cluster Heart-Shaped Diamond Earrings on a blue background

The Winston Blue

An homage to Mr. Winston’s brilliant legacy as the “King of Diamonds,” in 2014, a rare 13.22 carat flawless fancy vivid blue diamond found its place among the House’s inimitable collection of gems.

The Winston Blue Ring

The Winston Blue Ring

The majestic Winston Blue is poised at the center of a diamond and platinum ring and is elegantly framed by a halo of complementing diamonds to accentuate the beauty of its pear-shaped form.

Yellow Diamond

A 40.81 carat radiant-cut fancy yellow diamond, with exceptional clarity, showcases the House’s commitment to putting rare gemstones at the forefront of its fine jewelry design.

Yellow Diamond Necklace

Yellow Diamond Necklace

In this outstanding necklace, the 40.81 carat radiant-cut fancy yellow diamond center stone is expertly set in a dramatic cascade of diamonds, allowing its brilliant luminescence to fully shine through with mesmerizing movement and life.

Green Diamond

A rare green pear-shaped diamond center stone, accentuated by two pear-shaped side stones, set on a platinum band.

Classic Winston Green Diamond Ring with Pear-Shaped Diamond Side Stones

Classic Winston Green Diamond Ring with Pear-Shaped Diamond Side Stones

With delicate details, this romantic jewel epitomizes the Winston legacy of unsurpassable craftsmanship and modern elegance.

Classic Winston Green Diamond Ring with a HW stamp on the side.

The Winston Legacy Sapphire

Sparkling diamonds frame an exceptionally rare 43.10 carat royal blue Kashmir sapphire center stone in this one-of-a-kind necklace. Exquisitely set by the House of Harry Winston’s craftsmen, the stone takes pride of place in a high jewelry masterpiece of peerless beauty.

Harry Winston’s legacy of transforming the world’s most exceptional precious gemstones into extraordinary jewels shines in this stunning high jewelry creation. In keeping with the House’s iconic design DNA, master artisans highlight the velvety blue sapphire center stone with a medley of sparkling diamond cuts.

A stunning sapphire stone is poised to be set among brilliant diamonds.
A medley of diamonds frame a sapphire center stone.