Marvelous Creations by Harry Winston

Imagine a magical world, where lightness is magnified by brilliance.  A world where the greatest wonders and elements join forces to bring unprecedented beauty to all it bestows.  A world where reality and fantasy live as one.  Welcome to the wonderful world of Winston. From deep within the earth to land, sea and sky, in Winston’s world nature’s most magnificent creations mingle in an ecosystem full of luminosity and life. 

Deep Within the Earth

From deep within our planet’s core, some of nature’s most glorious treasures are unearthed. Precious gemstones of unmatched beauty are brought to life by the House’s team of experts through incredible techniques in artisanship and design. 

For generations, star gemstones have been sought after for both their astonishing beauty and historic tradition, with many cultures believing these stones carry a variety of symbolic meanings from destiny, to faith, and hope, among many others.

From Land

On land, magnificent creatures mingle in a world of beauty and bliss. Extraordinary gemstones are expertly paired and arranged in symbolic designs that foreshadow the fascination that lies ahead.  

Animation of the Purple Marquesa Necklace by Harry Winston
Animation of the Purple Marquesa Necklace by Harry Winston
An ethereal butterfly takes flight through a suite of jewels that glisten with sublime perfection. Paraíba tourmalines, purple and blue sapphires, aquamarines and diamonds harmoniously come together in the Purple Marquesa Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings – a suite of jewels that elegantly drape the skin with extreme brilliance and movement.

Animation of the Purple Marquesa Earrings
Animation of the butterfly shadow flying

Blue Python High Jewelry Necklace

Blue Python Necklace

Animation of a python shadow
The Blue Python high jewelry suite comprised of a necklace, earrings, bracelet and high jewelry timepiece, slithers with the elegance and fluidity of its namesake. Blue sapphires, along with diamonds, are set side-by-side in order to mimic the scaly pattern of a python’s skin, while the complementing high jewelry timepiece features hand-cut tapered baguette diamonds around the dial along with varying shades of blue sapphires.

To Water

The tranquility of a lake nestled against a meadow is echoed in a diamond and ruby brooch inspired by the graceful movement of a betta fish. 

One of the more complex pieces within the collection, the Betta Fish brooch can be worn in multiple ways, as the diamond fins, much like its inspiration, fan in and out depending on the preference of its wearer.

And in the Skies Above

Harry Winston’s Marvelous Creations reach the skies high above with a series of bejeweled birds.  Six brooches, each with their own unique construction, are three-dimensional replicas of their individual namesakes.  

The majestic Peacock, with its long flowing train, emerges from the shadows in two colorways – emeralds, blue sapphires and diamonds, as well as with pink diamonds, rubies, pink sapphires and diamonds.

The majestic Peacock from Marvelous Creations by Harry Winston
Blue Magpie brooch
Blue Magpie brooch