Winston Icons

Creating spectacular jewels from precious gemstones is an extraordinary art unto itself. Master jewelers must possess not only a sound knowledge of the finest materials, but the creative curiosity and technical virtuosity to awaken an unimagined brilliance in each individual gem. Celebrating the beauty of the world's most precious diamonds and rarest gemstones, Harry Winston's icons bring the breadth and creativity of the House's design legacy to life. Combining exceptional techniques in craftsmanship and innovation with decades of experience and tradition, Harry Winston designers and craftsmen challenge their imagination – from the first design sketch to gemstone sourcing and setting – to create jewels like no other. Jewels that transform fine jewelry, into fine works of art.

Rubellite and Diamond Cluster Necklace
by Harry Winston

A stunning one-of-a-kind high jewelry suite from Harry Winston’s Icons.

Drawing inspiration from the world’s most mesmerizing gardens, Winston Designers rendered exceptional gemstones into an extraordinary masterpiece full of brilliance and life.

The Rubellite and Diamond Cluster Ring
The Rubellite and Diamond Cluster Earrings

Winston Cluster

The beloved Winston clustering technique lets the innate beauty and brilliance of the world's most precious diamonds take the lead in exceptional high jewelry designs. The Winston Cluster is the ultimate embodiment of the House's iconic design aesthetic that transforms fine jewelry into three-dimensional clusters of brilliance, full of movement and life. 

With more than 135 carats, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds are set at varying angles in near-invisible platinum, to emphasize the inherent beauty and fire of each individual gem.

Princess Diamond Necklace 
by Harry Winston

A Winston classic, the diamond-driven princess-style necklace highlights the beauty of its stones with extreme fluidity and elegance, and seamlessly floats against the skin of its wearer. 

Princess Diamond Necklace

Designed in the signature “Winston style,” the Princess Diamond Necklace features different shapes of diamonds, set in delicate platinum wire, creating a highly dimensional design that sparkles brilliantly from all angles.

Blue Sapphire

Admired for its velvety blue hue, this 68.79 carat cushion-cut sapphire embodies the highly sought after beauty of one of mother nature’s most breathtaking gemstones. 

Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

The classic Winston Cluster gets the royal treatment with a magnificent 68.79 carat sapphire center stone that elegantly rests on a necklace consisting of 126 diamonds, weighing a total of approximately 61.89 carats.

Yellow Diamonds

Extraordinary yellow diamonds highlight the superior quality of Harry Winston gemstones and underscore the House’s time-honored commitment to diamonds of peerless beauty. 

15 beautifully matched radiant-cut fancy yellow diamonds – selected for their color, clarity and ideal proportions – are masterfully set in a classic Winston necklace, alongside round brilliant, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds.

Purple Sapphire

At 65.32 carats, this purple sapphire, known as the “Purple Dragon,” is the perfect pastel hue and adds an extraordinarily feminine touch to a classic pendant-style diamond necklace.

"Purple Dragon" Sapphire and Diamond Necklace

A one-of-a-kind 65.32 carat cushion-cut purple sapphire rests in a cluster of round brilliant, marquise and pear-shaped diamonds and is set on an exquisite diamond necklace, with a total carat weight of approximately 64.16 carats.