Mr. Winston holds the world's rarest gemstones in the palm of his hand

Our Stones

 Every Harry Winston jewel begins with a diamond or colored gemstone of exceptional quality, and in the hands of the House's master craftsmen their inherent beauty and brilliance is brought to life in a way never before seen.

Image of the loose pear-shaped, flawless and colorless Winston Legacy Diamond


One of Mr. Winston’s greatest gifts was his ability to envision the unique potential of a diamond, simply by holding it in his hands. With an innate ability to transform rough gems into legendary jewels, Harry Winston’s eye for the exceptional endures in the expertise of the House’s astute team of gemologists, who meticulously select diamonds of peerless color and clarity. As the “King of Diamonds,” no detail is over looked, and careful consideration is given to a stone’s proportions, symmetry and shape appeal, to ensure it meets the rigorous criteria synonymous with the House and sparkles with unrivaled beauty. Instilled in every Harry Winston diamond is an incredible sense of pride, grounded in decades of experience and tradition.

Image of the loose pear-shaped Winston Blue fancy vivid blue diamond

Colored Diamonds

Highly sought after by the world’s most discerning collectors, colored diamonds are an exceptional example of a natural phenomenon. The environmental conditions required to form these miracles of nature occur so rarely that only one in 10,000 diamonds possess natural color. In the finest rare colors ranging from yellow to pink to blue, the House of Harry Winston offers an exquisite array of extraordinary colored diamonds and employs the highest standards to ensure that each colored diamond is of the utmost rarity and distinction.

“Each gem…was like a friend, unique and unforgettable.”
- Mr. Harry Winston

A diamond necklace featuring a stunning sapphire on a white background


For centuries, sapphires have been associated with royalty and romance, and have been at the forefront of many of the world’s most prized collections. Harry Winston has its own long and storied history with sapphires, including a 337 carat sapphire that was once owned by Catherine the Great. Today, Harry Winston continues to celebrate the velvety hues of this noble stone, by creating incredible jewels that highlight their extraordinary quality, superior color and exceptional beauty.

A ring with an oval-cut ruby center stone with diamonds on a white background


Rubies hold a prized position in history, as a favorite of royalty and jewelry collectors, alike. Harry Winston rubies are sourced from the most prestigious mining locations in the world. When selecting a colored gemstone, such as a ruby, the House relies on its renowned team of expert gemologists, who only select those with incredible quality and appeal. With a ruby, color is paramount, so extra attention is given to ensure each stone has exceptional saturation and distribution of color. Rubies of unparalleled beauty are a hallmark of Harry Winston glamour.

An emerald and diamond necklace on a white background


Emeralds hold a legendary position in the history of gemstones, from ancient Egypt and Greece to present day. Harry Winston has a rich legacy of important emeralds, including the Rockefeller-Winston Emerald, which is known for its exceptional combination of quality and significant weight. Stones such as this, represent Harry Winston’s longstanding commitment to gems that are the rarest of the rare. All Harry Winston emeralds are selected with extreme consideration for their color, exceptional clarity, and ideal proportions, and follow the House’s rigorous and supremely strict guidelines for colored gemstones.