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As a true heritage brand, the House continues to preserve and protect its incredible legacy by seamlessly blending its rich history with modern touches that resonate with generations of jewelry connoisseurs around the world. In order to maintain this tradition, the House often looks to the Harry Winston archives, which provides the most exquisite drawings and sketches, in addition to historic press clippings and artifacts, as a way to bring new life to Mr. Winston’s timeless creations.

An iconic Harry Winston diamond necklace seen in a museum display


Harry Winston was a man of many brilliant facets, much like the rare gemstones and precious jewels he built his life around. An innate gemologist, an intuitive business man, and a dedicated philanthropist, Mr. Winston’s career is marked by headline-grabbing tales of the world’s most exceptional stones, encounters with Heads of State and red carpet royalty, industry wide “firsts,” and an innovative design philosophy that changed the way in which fine jewelry was worn. In addition to advising private collectors, Mr. Winston was deeply committed to sharing his passion for jewels and made many important contributions to museums, notably including the National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian Institution, in pursuit of his dream to share their magnificence with audiences around the world.

The evolution of a necklace sketch is seen with layers of details next to a sketch of the floral inspiration for the designed motif

Creative Direction

Harry Winston jewels are part of a renowned design aesthetic that celebrates the exquisite beauty of the world’s most exquisite gemstones. Drawing upon its legendary past, the House continues to introduce new collections that embrace its roots and embody traditional Harry Winston glamour. The Winston Cluster and Lily Cluster design motifs draw references from archival designs from the 1940s, while the Sunflower Collection dates back to the 1950s. The House’s beloved Belle Collection celebrates the bygone glamour of the Art Deco movement, when Mr. Winston was acquiring estates, and collections such as Winston Gates and Avenue Timepieces are influenced by architectural elements of the House’s Fifth Avenue flagship.

Portriat of the Maharajah of Indore wearing the magnificent Indore Pear Diamonds set in a netcklace

The Preeminent Jeweler

Harry Winston has long served as the preeminent jeweler to many of the world’s most discerning jewelry collectors, who sought his expertise regarding the rarest jewels on the market. Among these notable clients were members of royalty and prominent families, including the Maharajah of Indore, Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post, and Mrs. Dorothy Killam of Canada. The magnificent Indore Pears, each weighing nearly 50 carats, were among the prized jewels that changed hands from the Maharajah of Indore to Mr. Winston over the years. The famed Westminster Tiara was acquired and sold by Mr. Winston to these esteemed connoisseurs, in addition to several of history's most important diamonds including the Winston Briolette.

These famous collectors, and their storied relationships with Mr. Winston, offer an enduring source of inspiration and historical reference to Harry Winston today. Despite his high-profile status as the "King of Diamonds," Mr. Winston greatly valued his privacy. Notoriously camera-shy and always discreet in his day-to-day life, he also took great care to protect the confidentiality of his clients; many of the great stories of the House of Harry Winston are secrets known only to history's most astute collectors.

Colorful jewelry is displayed across a desk in the foreground while Mr. Winston looks out the window in the background
The House’s archives are an invaluable resource for inspiration, offering a treasure trove that permits Harry Winston to link its illustrious past to its present and future.

A colorful vintage necklace, bracelet and ring are seen on a white background

Vintage Harry Winston

Continuing Harry Winston’s legacy of acquiring estates, the House maintains an exceptional museum collection of vintage Harry Winston jewels. Each of these vintage treasures offers a unique story, a living history told through expert manufacturing, along with the rarest gemstones found on earth. The House continues to acquire authenticated vintage Harry Winston jewels, and if you would like to inquire about selling, please contact