Royal Adornments

Inspired by our regal legacy and noble jewels of the past, the “King of Diamonds” extends its court with a series of one-of-a-kind suites that bridge inspiration from the exquisite royal renderings of the past, with a contemporary approach. Introducing Royal Adornments.

Vibrant precious gemstones with the letters “HW” on a navy blue background.

Regal Refinement

A royal spirit has run through the House of Harry Winston since its founding over 90 years ago. Known as the “King of Diamonds,” Mr. Winston earned his iconic moniker due to his breathtaking collection of precious diamonds and gemstones—a collection so impressive and rare that it could only be rivaled by those of the world’s leading royal dynasties. From the famous Hope Diamond to gems once worn by Marie Antoinette herself, these legendary acquisitions were often of royal provenance. In addition to his passion for gemstones, Mr. Winston created bespoke necklaces and tiaras for the most special of royal occasions. As an homage to this noble history, the Royal Adornments collection celebrates royal jewels of the past with sophisticated pieces for the present.

The Duchess Necklace

Similar to Mr. Winston, the Duchess of Windsor was incredibly passionate about the world’s rarest diamonds and precious colored gemstones–especially yellow diamonds.

A luminous celebration of the Duchess’s love for yellow diamonds. This one-of-a-kind piece sparkles with an incredible stone, a Flawless Fancy Intense yellow radiant-cut diamond that is one of the rarest of the rare.

A woman wears the Duchess Necklace with Yellow Diamonds and Diamonds by Harry Winston.
A yellow diamond and archive photograph with a design sketch of the Duchess Necklace with Yellow Diamonds and Diamonds by Harry Winston.

The Princess Suite

A contemporary spin on a sentimental jewel, the Princess Suite references a stunning diamond necklace Harry Winston created for a young royal princess in 1977, on the occasion of her “Sweet 16” birthday.

The visually striking Princess Suite sparkles with clusters of marquise-shaped diamonds amidst sapphires and aquamarines—a nod to the original butterfly motif and celebratory spirit of the young Princess’ “Sweet 16” jewel.

A woman wears a necklace and earrings from the Princess Suite by Harry Winston.
The Princess Earrings with Sapphires, Aquamarines, and Diamonds by Harry Winston.

The Viscountess Suite

Defined by radiant sapphires—a stone treasured by royals for its vibrant hue and symbolism—the suite features an elegant necklace and accompanying emerald-cut earrings.

Throughout the 1950s and ’60s, the House created many bespoke jewels for royal families across the globe—many of which featured sapphires, a beloved gem. The Viscountess Suite spotlights the majestic beauty of the captivating stone. The necklace places a 25.02-carat octagonal-cut sapphire front and center of an extraordinary high jewelry design.

The Viscountess Earrings with Sapphires and Diamonds by Harry Winston.