Harry Winston celebrates the Chinese Year of the Dog

Harry Winston celebrates the Chinese Year of the Dog

Presented as a limited edition of eight pieces for men and eight pieces for women, the Year of the Dog timepieces showcase the unrivalled expertise of Harry Winston’s superlative artists and master craftsmen.

2018: The Year of the Dog.

The dog is the eleventh of the twelve animals represented in the Chinese Zodiac, and is regarded as an auspicious animal. The Chinese believe that when a dog enters a House, it symbolizes the arrival of good fortune. People born in the Year of the Dog are said to be loyal, good-natured and brave. To celebrate the Year of the Dog, Harry Winston selected a Chow Chow to grace the dial of limited edition his and hers 18K rose gold watches. The Chow Chow is highly symbolic and represents an ancient dog breed that is intimately associated with Chinese history and culture. Hailing from northern China, the breed is characterized by its blue tongue, curly tail and thick double coat. The dog’s sturdy build and majestic mane inspired the name Chow Chow or “puffy-lion dog” in Chinese.

The art of pearl marquetry.

The charming Chow Chow comes to life through mother-of-pearl marquetry, a demanding technique in which delicate pieces of mother-of-pearl are introduced to an underlying gold base. Harry Winston’s artists relied on skills, usually reserved for enamelling, to ‘paint’ the dial with mother-of-pearl. The contours of the Chow Chow, in particular, were created using a technique borrowed from cloisonné enamelling. The gold base forms the outline of the dog, while mother-of-pearl fills its body. Capturing the shimmering beauty of gold powder, the Havana-hued mother-of-pearl backdrop sparkles like a magical constellation, with gold accents individually set in expertly carved hollows. Fine lines engraved in the mother-of-pearl body, emphasize the richness of the Chow Chow’s coat and animate the dog with extraordinary volume and vitality.

Lucky number eight.

Limited to eight watches for men and eight for women, the Midnight 42mm and Premier 36mm Year of the Dog editions recognize yet another deeply entrenched Chinese tradition, as the number eight is considered to be the luckiest and most auspicious of numbers. The ladies’ model is presented in a classic 36mm rose gold case from the Premier Collection and is embellished with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds on the case, two brilliant-cut diamond hour markers and a dazzling emerald-cut diamond crowning the dial. The men’s limited edition model is Housed in an elegant 42mm rose gold case from the Midnight Collection, and also features an emerald-cut diamond at 12 o’clock, a nod to Mr. Winston’s preferred diamond cut.

Beautiful movements.

Both the hour and minute functions of the Premier 36mm and Midnight 42mm models are powered by a refined Swiss mechanical automatic movement with a generous power reserve of 72 hours. The signature attention to detail that defines all Harry Winston creations is maintained throughout the movement. Decorated with circular Côtes de Genève motifs, the movement can be admired through the sapphire crystal case back, which is engraved with its limited edition number. Equipped with a flat silicon balance spring and the latest technology, Harry Winston timepieces promise years of impeccable service and optimize the overall isochronism of the movement. The Premier Dog Automatic 36mm
ladies’ model features a brown alligator strap with a sophisticated pearly finish and an 18K rose gold ardillon buckle set with 17 brilliant-cut diamonds. The men’s Midnight Dog Automatic 42mm timepiece is presented on a brown alligator strap with an elegant rose gold ardillon buckle.

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