Jewels that Tell Time

Art of Watchmaking

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Harry Winston reinterprets time with exceptional elegance, through High Jewelry Creations a true testament to the skill of its jewelers and setters. Jewelry watches are adorned with the most precious diamonds. The gemologists who select the stones and the craftsmen who set them work in-house, according to the rigorous Harry Winston standards.
These jewels that tell time naturally echo the House's precious jewelry collection, in keeping with the wish expressed by Mr. Harry Winston himself: “If I could, I would attach the diamonds directly onto a woman’s skin.” Diamonds of exceptional quality adorn the cases, dials and bracelets made by the Manufacture. The refined cases frame sparkling paved dials and are fitted with carefully hand-crafted bracelets.


Gemsetters and jewelers work hand in hand to create these magnificent interpretations of time. They accentuate the geometry of stones with “rail-effect”, claw or snow setting, giving rise to architectural compositions of stunning beauty.
Harry Winston uses only the most beautiful stones available on the market for its High Jewelry timepieces. The purest, perfectly cut diamonds are magnified by exceptional settings. Just as Mr. Harry Winston himself did to such brilliant effect on numerous occasions, the stones themselves sometimes determine the creation of a unique piece. The Premier Glacier is a dazzling example of this approach that required more than 60 days of setting: this unprecedented creation is composed of 422 baguette-cut gems of 12 different sizes, positioned to the nearest micron. A sensational challenge taken up by the Manufacture’s expert gemologists and setters.
The talented, expert hands of the jewelry artisans bring veritable works of art to life, combining watchmaking and jewelry in the purest Harry Winston spirit.

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